Ely care home residents delighted to receive second jab

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Julie receives her second COVID vaccination

Nine care home residents who have been shielding for months have received their lifesaving second COVID vaccinations.

The residents, who are clinically vulnerable, all live at or are supported by Jasmine House in central Ely.

Dr Katrina Young, from St Mary’s Surgery, said: “People who are clinically extremely vulnerable are at a much higher risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus. We all know the vaccine is safe and effective and people who are at risk should have it.

“It’s a privilege to have been able to complete the COVID vaccinations for the lovely residents here at Jasmine House. Their immunity is building and soon they will have the best possible protection against coronavirus.

“They’ve stayed safe all these months and their second doses will enable them to begin to get back to normal.”

Support worker, Laura Cullen, said: “This past year has been very hard on our residents. Long term shielding takes its toll and that is why it is such good news that they have now received their second doses.

“We are like one big family here and have been in a bubble for so many months now. Everybody has been waiting for so long and soon we will be able to go back to all the things we love doing.

“We’re so looking forward to our trips to the seaside and fish and chip suppers. We’ve missed our days out to zoos and garden centres, and some of our residents have really missed being able to do their parts in local community gardens.”

Jasmine House is an assisted living facility, which provides care for adults of all ages, including those with learning disabilities and dementia.