COVID-19 clinical trial seeks more volunteers

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Some people who were hospitalised with COVID-19 are still struggling to get back to normal. But the good news is that research is underway to explore treatments which are more effective in helping people fully recover their health.

The Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Warwick is running a research trial to explore which of two treatments is most effective for people who are struggling with health issues months after being ill with COVID-19.

Their trial, known as REGAIN, is researching rehabilitation exercise and psychological support after COVID infection and the team is looking for more volunteers. 

REGAIN - COVID-19 clinical trial

Criteria & eligibility

If you were hospitalised by COVID-19 and are still struggling with the following health issues you might be suitable to participate in the trial:

  • breathing
  • shoulder or back pain
  • sleeping
  • tiredness
  • memory or concentration.

To be eligible for the study you need to:

  • be a UK resident
  • have been treated in a UK hospital for COVID-19
  • have been discharged from a UK hospital more than three months ago
  • still have health problems due to COVID-19
  • not be taking part in a similar COVId-19 exercise or support programme
  • have an email address and access to a device for video calls, eg a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Would you like to personally contribute to developing better care for people after COVID-19?

If you are interested, please do look at the patient information sheet and the suitability check on the REGAIN website. Or contact the team via email.

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