New patient helpdesk

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The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the strain on all NHS services. As a result of this, waiting list times for outpatient, specialist and community-based appointments or procedures have increased for everybody.

We appreciate that this can cause worry and uncertainty about when you will eventually receive an appointment or the treatment you are waiting for but help is available.

If you have been referred by your GP or are waiting for:

  • an outpatient or hospital test appointment
  • a date for an operation or other procedure / investigation
  • follow-up from your hospital team
  • or a community-based appointment, eg physio or counselling

and you have a query about what is happening, please contact the Patient Helpdesk on 0800 048 5800. This FREEPHONE number operates from Mon-Fri – 9.00-5.00.

The Patient Helpdesk is working alongside our hospital trust patient advice services, and patients are advised to still liaise with their relevant hospital team as necessary.

Please be aware that the Patient Helpdesk is not able to deal with X-Ray results referred by the GP (these are returned to the GP from the department) or stool and blood results which are taken by the GP practice.

Only call the surgery if your condition has genuinely deteriorated. You will be reviewed by one of our clinical team and appropriate action taken in regard to your care.