Surgery Building update from Assistant Practice Manager- Becky Taylor

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As you will know, the surgery is currently undergoing extensive renovation/extension work. During this time the most frequently asked questions are always regarding our car park, so we thought it would be useful to set the record straight.

The new surgery building sits on the same footprint as the old one, so does not take up any more or less space. The car park is surrounded on all sides by other properties and we are not able to extend it in any way. However, when building is complete and we move back in, there will only be a couple of spaces at the front of the building for staff. These are for our on call GP and the Dispensary van. All other staff will be asked to park off site so this will free up a considerable number of spaces for our patients.

There is some reparation work to be undertaken in the car park as the contractors and their heavy vehicles have obviously had quite an impact on the block paving and we are putting in soakaways under the car park to help with the large puddles we get when there is heavy rain.

The driveway will still have its undulations as this acts a good traffic calming measure.

Dr Young has a progress meeting with the contractors later this week and hopefully we will have some more news following that.

Renovation/extension work to the practice
Renovation/extension work to the practice
Renovation/extension work to the practice