New blood testing service at the Princess of Wales Hospital

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At St Mary’s Surgery we understand that sometimes the wait for a blood test appointment can be longer than you or we would want.   Each week at St Mary’s, we average 360 – 400 routine blood samples in our booked appointments – and urgent same day blood requests are in addition to this!

Many of these appointments are bloods requested by local Hospitals.   We offer to take these bloods as a courtesy, recognising that Addenbrookes’ blood testing facilities are a not always easy to get to for a short appointment.

For this reason, we are delighted to share the news that the Princess of Wales Hospital now offers appointments for blood tests and we will be directing the hospital requested blood tests to this brand new, custom built facility.  It will formally be called the Ely Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC).

In an effort to offer faster appointment availability at St Mary’s, we will be referring some other blood tests to the CDC too, and we will provide you with full details on how to book an appointment and what forms you need to take with you when you call us to request a blood test appointment.

  • Carly, Clinical Nurse Manager
Blood testing