Introducing ‘Mary’, our new doppler machine

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Mary Doppler

The clinical team at St Mary’s would like to thank everybody who has kindly donated to our SMILE fund. Your generosity has allowed us to purchase a MESI Tablet, which the nursing team have renamed Mary!

‘Mary’ has many capabilities which allow us to provide better patient care, utilising modern technology for accuracy and time efficiency.   Currently, we are using this latest piece of equipment to check blood pressures, perform clinical photography and perform Doppler tests. 

A Doppler test is used to detect blood flow to the legs and feet. It can diagnose or help to manage conditions such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or diabetic foot ulcers. It can also help us determine the best treatment for chronic leg ulcers, and determine why wounds may not be healing as well as we would like. A Doppler test only takes 15 minutes to perform now, allowing greater patient comfort and also increasing the amount of appointments we can offer.   

In the future, we would like to purchase the additional software to use this same piece of equipment to perform ECGs and Spirometry tests. We hope that future donations to the SMILE fund will help us in achieving our next goal.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Carly – Clinical Nurse Manager