Antenatal clinic

Antenatal care is the care you get from health professionals during your pregnancy. A team of highly trained midwives and maternity support workers provide care through the maternity journey, before, during and after the birth. For our area, this the Nova Team.

You should start your antenatal care as soon as possible once you know you are pregnant.

You can do this by contacting the Nova Team:

A named midwife will be assigned you and they will coordinate your care and look after you all the way through your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.

They will work with a ‘buddy’ and between them, they will provide your complete antenatal care. They will be supported by a further 6-7 midwives within their team and you will have an opportunity to meet all the team during your pregnancy.

As part of your continuity of care, your named midwife will ensure you are booked in for a midwife appointment on the same day of the week.

If your midwife is away, or caring for someone giving birth, you will see their ‘buddy’ instead. If you have complex medical needs, you may be referred for a consultation with a doctor or specialist in the hospital.

Pregnant woman

Updated 26.3.21