Concerns over queuing for COVID-19 vaccination

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Some people have raised concerns over the queuing time at Cathedral Medical Centre for the first COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out in Ely.

As you might be aware, Cathedral Medical Centre is acting as a hub for three GP practices. That means there is a larger than normal number of over 80s from the first priority group who have been invited to attend for their COVID-19 vaccination at one single location.

In addition, as you may be aware from the news, the Pfizer vaccine, once defrosted, has a shelf life of 3.5 days. Therefore, as many people as possible need to be vaccinated during that time and all the surgeries have worked extremely hard in booking priority patients into the short time that is available.

We are sure you all appreciate that this the first time this vaccine has been used. Therefore, it is understandable that our highly experienced doctors and nurses are taking extra care and precautions in delivering the vaccines to our most vulnerable patients, and that includes an extra 15-minute wait for each patient after their jab for monitoring. 

So while there is queuing time for patients, it means other patients are having their vaccinations delivered in the safest and most careful way possible. All those who have appointments booked WILL be seen and will be vaccinated and treated the same way.

Please bear with us during this difficult balancing act. All of the GP practices involved in the roll out realise the vaccine implementation process can be difficult for some patients. However, we are so thankful that a vaccine has now been authorised and that the nationwide process of ensuring the most vulnerable in our society are protected is underway.