Lateral flow tests for people with no COVID symptoms

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Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms but are still infectious and can give the virus to others.

Getting tested regularly is the only way to know if you have the virus. If you test positive, you can self-isolate, follow the guidelines and help stop COVID-19 spreading.

About rapid testing

Anyone in England who does not have symptoms can now get tested regularly for coronavirus.

The test for people without symptoms is called a rapid lateral flow test.

It usually involves taking a sample from your tonsils (or where they would have been) and from inside your nose using a long cotton bud, known as a swab.

The test can give a result in 30 minutes. If you test positive, you and anyone you live with will need to self-isolate.

Where can I take a regular rapid test?

You can take the test by visiting a local test site. (Do check with the site if you need to book a time slot.)

Or you can take the test at home – either by collecting free test packs from a local pharmacy or test site or by ordering test packs online.

If you take the test at home, you will need to report your results online or over the phone. You are advised to do the test twice a week.

People with COVID symptoms

If you have coronavirus symptoms, you need a different test called a PCR test. Find out how to get a free PCR test here.