Digital COVID travel passes for 12-15 year olds

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From 3 February 2022, children aged 12 and over will be able to get a digital NHS COVID Pass for international travel. This is in addition to the provision for a paper travel letter.

Currently, a COVID Pass letter can be requested by a parent or guardian by calling 119. This travel letter is available for children aged 12 and over who have received two doses of an approved COVID vaccine. Please note it is NOT available to those who have only received an incomplete course of vaccination, for example one dose of a two-dose vaccine. 

From 3 February, the government is simplifying international travel for children by making a digital pass available. The digital version is for children aged 12 and over and will show a child’s vaccination status or evidence of recovery for 180 days following a positive NHS PCR test (also known as a recovery letter). 

To apply for a digital travel pass, a child will need to be registered for an NHS login. As it may take a few days for a child’s identity to be verified, parents or legal guardians are encouraged to allow time for this before their holiday dates.

Children aged 13 and over will be able to apply for their digital travel pass via the NHS App as well as online. The NHS App is not available for children under 13.  

Paper passes will continue to be available by calling 119. Please allow up to seven days to receive your letter.

Your GP CANNOT provide you or your child with a letter or digital NHS COVID Pass.

More information and how to apply for a child’s digital pass.

Anyone planning to travel abroad are advised to check the entry requirements of the country they are visiting BEFORE they book their holiday.

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