Building project update

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Message from St Mary’s Surgery partners:

We are delighted to show you the latest photos of our building project. In spite of the hot weather, our builders and contractors continue to be incredibly busy.

If you have been past 37 St Mary’s Street recently, you will have seen the outer structure of our second floor nearing completion. The scaffolding photo, taken from the car park, gives you a better idea of the capacity of our new building.

On the second floor, work is progressing with the patient waiting area and the lift shafts, alongside the building of the framework and layout of the new consulting rooms.

Back downstairs, the insulation work has begun on the ground floor and we expect the concrete screed floor to go down next week. As you can see in the photos cabling for IT & networking, electrics, etc., has begun through the ceiling cavities.

Dr Sam Rayner said: “It is great to see the progress that has been made so far. The extra space will be invaluable as our population continues to grow. A personal highlight is the location and layout of the new dispensary, which looks great. I can’t wait to get back in!” 

The surgery will keep you posted about further building developments in due course.

View from the car park showing size and capacity of the new building