Complex dressing appointments with our Advanced Health Care Assistants

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At St Mary’s we see many patients per week for repeat dressing changes. These may be done twice, or three times per week. In some cases, daily dressing changes are needed. Per week we spend over 30 hours of clinic time just doing the dressings for our regular patients!

Sometimes you will have your dressing changed by one of our Advanced Health Care Assistants. Sally and Kelly are two of our team with additional skills and training in managing complex and chronic wounds. They can attend to the same type of wound care needs that historically only a practice nurse would see. Sally and Kelly enjoy working as a team to agree on strategies such as appointment frequency and appropriate selection of the many different types of dressings available to us to ensure the patient receives the best care we can provide.

In the coming months, two more of our health care assistant team will also be fully trained to perform dressing changes which will allow us to offer even more choice and appointment availability to the patients we see for wound care needs.