Important Update: Changes to how you book appointments at St. Mary’s Surgery

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We wish to inform you about an important update regarding the management and triage of appointment requests at St. Mary’s Surgery. Effective May 13th, 2024, we are implementing changes to ensure a smoother and more efficient process for accessing the services you need. We are aware that our current system was better suited to the needs and demands of the covid pandemic, where we managed all incoming work ‘on the day’. We feel that the primary care landscape has now changed and we wish to offer a more flexible service, that allows for non-urgent requests to be dealt with at future dates. We hope this will offer better access and convenience to patients, whilst maintaining safe clinical standards

New Process for Appointment Requests

From the 13th of May, patients will be able to submit appointment requests through Ask My GP in a very similar manner to the current system. Upon receiving your request, our clinical team will carefully triage it to determine the appropriate service and time frame to meet your clinical need. We hope this new approach ensures that you receive the most appropriate care in a timely manner, tailored to your individual requirements. You will be contacted by the patient service team and offered an appointment. We will maintain the ability to meet on the day clinically urgent demand, whilst allowing for non-urgent matters to be offered an appointment at a future date.

Continued Support via Telephone Reception

For those who prefer to speak directly with our reception team, our telephone service will remain available. You can contact us via telephone to request an appointment if you are unable to access online resources.

Continued Access to Medication Requests

The process for requesting medication via Ask My GP remains unaffected by these changes. Patients can continue to use Ask My GP for medication requests

Your Feedback Matters

As we implement these changes, we value your feedback and encourage you to share any thoughts or concerns you may have. We are aware this is a big change to how the Surgery operates and we will have the new system under constant review to make sure if it is working as efficiently and safely as possible. We appreciate your continued trust in St. Mary’s Surgery and remain committed to delivering the highest quality of care to our patients.