Vaccination roll out update

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We are still currently working through priority group 6 (those aged 18-65 who are in an at-risk group). Most of these patients have been contacted via text message or directly from their surgeries and invited to attend for vaccination.

If you are in group 6 and have not yet been contacted, please be patient. This is a very large group and we are actively working through the cohort list.

If you are in priority groups 5 (aged 65-69) or 7 (aged 60-64) you may have already received or will shortly receive a letter inviting you to one of the mass vaccination centres. For our area, the closest are Newmarket Racecourse and the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. You can book your vaccine slot directly by following the instructions in the letter. We encourage people to attend these centres for their COVID vaccinations, where possible.

If you are unable to attend one of the mass vaccination sites and want your COVID vaccination through your GP surgery, please be patient. We WILL contact you in due course.

All vaccinations through the Ely PCN take place at Cathedral Medical Centre in Ely or Staploe Medical Centre in Soham and we are dependent on vaccine delivery.

The message for all other patients who fall outside of the current priority groups remains the same – stay safe, sit tight and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn.