Training practice

St Mary’s Surgery is committed to the education and training of doctors wanting to become general practitioners (GPs) and is a teaching and training practice accredited by Health Education England.

Doctors training to be GPs are known as GP Registrars. We also train other doctors wishing to gain experience in general practice. Both GP Registrars and trainees are fully qualified doctors. They will run their own consultations with patients but their work is under the supervision of our fully qualified GPs.

Medical students from the University of Cambridge Medical School and University College London attend St Mary’s at different times throughout the year, and at different stages of their training. The students are always supervised by our GPs.

black stethoscope with brown leather case

Training in action

When visiting the surgery, you may be asked if you mind seeing a medical student before or during your consultation with a doctor or nurse. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help in the training of future doctors in this way, but we fully understand if there may be occasions when you prefer not to have a student present. If this is the case, please inform reception before your appointment. Declining to see a doctor in training will not alter your care in any way.

Maintaining accreditation

To remain a training practice, the practice is inspected to ensure that we reach all the required standards for this level of teaching. The inspection involves an audit of data entry into the medical records. Only approved staff will conduct these assessments. All information contained in medical records remains confidential. The inspection is only to look at the accuracy and consistency of our data entry processes.