Dispensary and prescriptions

We have a dispensary at St Mary’s Surgery and are able to dispense medications for any eligible patients.

Under NHS regulations, patients are eligible if they live more than one mile from the surgery dispensary. In practice, we dispense medications to people living in the surrounding villages.

Patients living in the city of Ely may collect their medication from a number of local pharmacies, including Advanced Pharmacy which is located in the surgery building.

Patients also have the opportunity to register for electronic prescribing and to choose a preferred pharmacy.

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Medication - pills blister packs

Please note: St Mary’s Surgery aims to ensure that the NHS has value for money from the medication that patients take. One way it does this is by avoiding different brands and prescribing by the chemical name (generic prescribing). Brands vary enormously in price whilst the drug is exactly the same. We are trying to ensure we increase our generic prescribing.

Sharps boxes and unwanted medication

Currently St Mary’s dispensary is only taking back sharps boxes if the patient is their dispensing patient. The dispensary is not taking back unwanted medication at the moment.

St Mary’s Pharmacy (50 St Mary’s Street) and Advanced Pharmacy (formerly Lloyds) are taking back both sharps boxes and unwanted medication.