St Mary’s Surgery uses the online system askmyGP to enable patients to get help from their doctor.

askmyGP offers patients flexibility, the opportunity to be seen on the same day with no more waiting for appointments and to have their healthcare delivered in a way that best suits them. For example, by secure message, telephone, video or face to face, if required.

Request an appointment with your doctor 

For routine appointments with a nurse or healthcare assistant (HCA), please contact reception by telephone (01353 663434 option 1).

askmyGP opening hours

askmyGP is open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) for online requests from 08:00. Sometimes, due to high demand and if capacity is reached, askmyGP may close earlier. However, if your request is medically urgent for that day, please do ring the surgery and speak to reception.

Our phones are open from 8.00-12.45pm and from 2.00-6.00pm. After 6.00pm please call NHS 111 or in the event of a medical emergency at any time, dial 999.

Using askmyGP

You can login to askmyGP using Firefox, Safari, MS Edge or Chrome browsers. Please note askmyGP does not work using Internet Explorer.

The first time you use askmyGP, you will be asked to register some personal details; this will enable you to create your own askmyGP account. If you feel you need help registering with the system, our Patient Services Team is always available during surgery hours to talk you through the process.

Download instructions on how to sign up and use askmyGP

Each patient who uses askmyGP needs to have a unique email address, so unfortunately if you share an address with someone, only one of you can use that to register with askmyGP. We suggest you register for a free email account such as gmail or similar and use that new address. You will need to be able to check that new address easily as replies to askmyGP requests will be sent to it.

Did you know you can add the askmyGP login page to your phone for ease of use?

Download Android guide (pdf)

Download iOS Apple guide (pdf)

If you are asking for clinical advice, you can select the doctor you usually see or you can select ‘anyone’ and a member of our clinical team will get back to you. We encourage patients to check the availability of their preferred GP or clinician first and ONLY contact them on their next working day, using askmyGP.

A doctor or nurse practitioner will contact you as soon as possible. Please let us know if you are available at a particular time and we will try to accommodate this if we can. 

The doctor will discuss the problem with you either via askmyGP, telephone or secure messaging and decide on the appropriate next step. If you need to come into the surgery for a face-to-face appointment, the doctor will arrange that for you – usually the same day.

If you are contacting us about an ongoing medical issue, we would usually try to book you an appointment with a clinician who has been previously dealing with the problem for continuity of care. You can help us do this by checking when your GP is working BEFORE you submit your askmyGP request.

If your query is either very simple, or not something that the surgery is not the most appropriate service for, then you may receive a text message signposting you to another service such as a dentist or minor eye conditions service, or with a link to the appropriate medical advice online.  

If your query is more about your personal details or administration, our non-clinical team will respond.

If you do not have internet access

St Mary’s Surgery recognises that there are patients for whom use of the internet is challenging and for those patients, the receptionist will complete your askmyGP request over the phone. This request will then be triaged in the same way by the duty doctor. Anyone who does not have access to the internet is invited to phone the surgery. Please note our reception team will need to ask you some personal and medical questions to be able to complete your request for you.

Please bear in mind that our phone lines are usually very busy in the mornings, especially Mondays, and you may have to wait in a queue for longer than normal.

Updated: 29.6.22