More about appointments

This page provides more details about appointments including how to book a routine appointment, such as arranging a blood test.

Doctor and practice clinician appointments

The quickest way to contact and get help from a doctor or practice clinician is to use askmyGP.

If you do not have online access, please do call the surgery and staff from our Patient Services Team will be able to help you.

Normally you will be contacted by or see your usual GP. This gives you continuity of care and allows your doctor to get a better understanding of an ongoing issue. If you don’t know who your doctor is, the surgery can advise you of your named GP.

When you wish to request an appointment with your doctor, don’t forget it’s best to contact us through askmyGP on the day your GP normally works.

Healthcare assistant appointments

If you need a routine appointment with one of our healthcare assistants (HCAs), our Patient Services Team will be able to help you. Please call the surgery to book.

All our HCAs are trained in the following:

  • blood samples
  • blood pressure checks
  • ECGs
  • NHS health checks
  • vitamin B12 injections
  • ear irrigation
  • spirometry
  • suture and clip removal
  • warfarin monitoring.

HCA and routine appointments are usually for seven or 20 minutes. Please give sufficient information to our Patient Services Team members so you get the most appropriate time slot.

Please note: you will need a double appointment for both a blood test and a blood pressure check.

Evening appointments

Surgery appointments beyond 6.30pm are available on a Monday evening. We do not offer a full range of services in these hours – these appointments are for routine issues only.

St Mary’s Surgery is part of Ely North and South Primary Care Networks and offers additional access to GPs and clinicians through evening and weekend pre-bookable appointments. Find out more about Extended Access appointments on Tuesday and alternate Wednesday evenings and on Saturday mornings.

Video consultation appointments

Your GP may contact you to arrange a video consultation. If this is the case you will receive a text message from your doctor with a link to tap on to start your consultation. You may be prompted to allow the use of your camera and microphone. Please allow this and your consultation can then begin.

Very occasionally there are issues with settings on phones which prevent the video consultation from starting. Find help and support here for this issue.

Updated: 15.4.24